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Bhagpura Village

Fagwa(Holi) Festival with Korku tribes

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All about the Fagwa(Holi) Festival with Korku tribes.

This March, celebrate the festival of Holi (locally known as Fagwa) with the Korkus of Satpura forests.

Korku is a central Indian tribe living mostly in the foothills of Satpura forests bordering Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. With decades long malnutrition, food insecurity arising because of multiple reasons, Korkus still have retained many traditions and customs that have shades of aboriginally that speaks of the remnants of a genuine hunter-gatherer community.

Their tribe name Korku is in fact made of two words from their language : Koro meaning tribesmen and Ku meaning plural. Together it means a group of tribesmen.

During our 4-day stay in a Korku village, we will get to know about Korkus, their culture and history. How such a rich (in terms of culture and food) is now posed at a place where not only their language is dying, but also their children because of hunger and malnutrition. We will hear the life journey of two individuals who have devoted their life for the betterment of the Korku people.

Nevertheless, we will learn a thing or two about celebrating and staying happy form the Korkus amidst their struggle for livelihood and food. We will celebrate the Fagwa festival in a Korku village with the Korkus and witness some Korku, dance, music and folksongs.

This is an initiative from Rural Odyssey, Anubhooti and the Korku community to add to the livelihood of Korku people.

Trip Highlights

Fagwa (Holi) Festival - Holi is celebrated by Korku a bit differently. There are in fact two different celebrations: one for the village headman (Patel) and Pandwa ki Holi (for rest of the village). The merriment continues for five days at a stretch. They visit the neighbouring villages and ask for Fagwa(alms). It is not a begging, but collection of voluntary contribution to make merry.

Korku Tribes - Korku is a central Indian tribe living mostly in the foothills of Satpura forests bordering Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.. They speak the Korku language, which is a member of the Munda languages and is written using Devanagari. Their tribe name Korku is in fact made of two words from their language : Koro meaning tribesmen and Ku meaning plural. Together it means a group of tribesmen.

Folk songs and folk dance - The Fagwa brings the entire village together with lots of folk singing, drum beating and dancing.

Conversations on dying tribal culture - Throughout India, tribal people are facing a decline in their culture. Korkus are no different, but they have lost their culture to modernisation, urbanisation and industrialisation to such an extent that now even their language and traditional food is on the verge of dying. During our journey, we will talk to locals and people who are trying to revive the Korku culture.

Satpura Range - is a range of hills in central India, rising in eastern Gujrat and running through border region of MP and Maharashtra till Chhattisgarh. The range is home to many wild animals including Bengal Tigers and also the home to Asia’s biggest Teakwood forest.

Camping and Jungle Walks - We will be staying in tents in the village farms. Walking in central Indian forests has its own charm. Not only one gets to see the rich ecology and natural history of the region, but also the historical ruins of Gond dynasty.

Bhagpura village - Located at the foothills of Satpura range, Bhagpura is a beautiful village inhabited by Korku people. The village is surrounded by fields and forests with Satpura hills in the backdrop.

Group Cooking Session - On day 3, we will have a fun group cooking session where participants would be required to source the raw materials from a nearby local market. Only hitchhiking and public transport allowed.

Smokeless Chulah - We will see, learn  and use smokeless mud chula to prepare our meals. It is a beautiful initiative from Smokeless Cookstove Foundation(SCF) for the betterment of village women, children and Earth. If you are wondering, the SCF uses firewood as fuel without producing any smoke and consuming upto 50% less wood.

COST - INR 10,000/- Indore to Indore

The tour will begin from Indore around 11am on February 28 and end at Indore between 11am-12pm on March 4.

20% refund in case of cancellation

Since there isn’t much time left before the tour, we won’t be able to refund most of your payment in case of a cancellation.


Accommodation is arranged in tents on twin-sharing basis. Sleeping bags and mattresses will be provided.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
  • All travel from Indore to Indore
  • Accommodation in simple, safe and comfortable tents on twin sharing basis. Sleeping bags and mattresses will be provided
  • All meals in the village
  • Expenses of guides during the stay
  • Any permits, if needed
  • Meals during the bus journey from Indore to the village and from the village to Indore
  • Any items/services which are personal in nature like toiletries, sun protection creams, chips, soft drinks, laundry, STD calls, etc.
  • Any extra expense due to delays arising from bad weather or any unforeseen circumstances.
  • Any medical expenses.
  • Any other expenses of any nature not included in the INCLUSIONS section.