About Us - Rural Odyssey

“India Lives in her villages” – Mahatma Gandhi

Serene, beautiful and mostly virgin, villages of India are a traveler’s dream. This simplicity sprinkled with the spicy, vibrant culture that India exhibits makes traveling to these destinations a unique experience. Rural Odyssey is an initiative to bring this sublime experience to you. Our aim is to pluck you out of your frantic routines and put you in these timeless capsules where you can immerse yourself in their vibrant culture, indulge in exquisite local cuisines and explore local music & art forms.


Rural Odyssey is a social enterprise set up with the twin objectives of delivering authentic cultural immersion to our fellow travelers as well as revitalizing indigenous communities of faraway, yet serene villages of India. Our mission is to hand-pick some offbeat villages and promote their remarkable culture, music, crafts, art forms and much more. We simply intend to link more and more travelers to these unconventional destinations via experiences wherein everything from home-stays to food will be planned and provided by the native community.

Generating vocation and bridging the sharp rural-urban divide in these hinterlands is the foremost goal of our initiative. As these communities embrace the outside world, we also believe that they will cast away illogical customs while rejuvenating the most elegant aspects of their culture, ergo bettering their lives.


Our Team

Chandni Aggarwal


Chandni graduated from university with a degree in computer science and an MBA in Marketing. She was bitten by the travel bug in her college days, but remained in the corporate world for a few years until she summoned the nerve to break-up with her job and pursue her passion, thanks to a voyage with Semester at Sea.

Jaded by the crowds of tourists wherever the ship was at port, Chandni started building a travel company based on unique cultural experiences. She believes that travel is much more than visiting famous landmarks, picturesque places and eating good food. It should be able to make us understand life better, impact livelihoods and connect to the “human side” of these magical places.
She has been a part of Indian delegations to various prestigious international conferences hosted by Harvard University, the Malaysian Government, the Russian Government, and the International Franchise Association. In her free time, she loves to click, write, read, sleep, paint pots, chat and search cheap airplane tickets.  She love working with people and love exploring the world. Feel free to write her at chandni@ruralodyssey.com.



Kush Sharma


Kush, an engineer by qualification, has always been a traveller. He discovered his passion for exploring the unknown early on. After working at an EDA firm for three years, he took a leap of faith and left the corporate route to pursue this deep passion. His travels through different regions of India, some mainstream and some remote, have only reinforced his love for the land, it’s countryside and the people. His interests include exploring new places and cultures, hiking, rock climbing and kayaking. He also realizes that there are unexplored territories that capture the holistic essence of India, and he seeks to share his experiences.

A firm believer of travelling responsibly and making a positive impact/learning by travelling, he co-founded Rural Odyssey with Chandni. He aspires to not only bring lesser known places and cultures to the fore, but also promote rural tourism and livelihood opportunities. Want to redefine travel with us? Write to him at kush@ruralodyssey.com